Dress Cleaning & Boxing


We supply a custom wedding dress cleaning and boxing service. The dress is thoroughly checked for damage, stains and other defects to make sure that we can clean and repair the dress to the highest standard.

We make use of industrial cleaning equipment and chemicals to make sure the dress is cleaned thoroughly without damaging the dress and thus resulting in an optimally cleaned garment.

When the garment has been cleaned we go through the dress and fix any minor damage. Minor damage repairs is included in the cleaning and boxing service. If there are major repairs needed these repairs will be discussed with you and we will put together a repair plan that will fit your budget and get the dress back to it's former glory.

After the dress has been cleaned we carefully package it into an ACID-FREE preservation box with ACID-FREE tissue paper between layers of the dress to protect it from future damage. The box lid is custom printed with the brides new surname and wedding date as well as a decorative pattern. If you have something specific in mind then we can custom design the lid (design fee charged) and print it based on your needs.

We can also do alterations to your dress after the wedding to convert your wedding dress into a dress that can be reused again giving it new life and continued use.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the different options available and also let us know if you have something specific in mind.